Teaching Studio


     Ms. Machamer teaches beginning to intermediate piano lessons and all levels of voice lessons.  She believes in teaching the whole student and includes the following aspects in all of her lessons,



          -Music Theory

          -Ear Training




     She teaches all types of vocalists from the classical perspective as she believes, like ballet is a good foundation for all types of dance, that classical technique is a good foundation for any genre. Classical technique is efficient and healthy, two traits which can benefit any type of singer greatly.  Each student has their own unique and special voice, and she wants them to be heard!

     Lessons are offered at the Pollard School of Music at Rhapsody Piano and Guitar in Short Pump, VA.  30 minute voice and/or piano lessons are offered.  At-home lessons are offered in 30 (piano and voice) and 60 (voice only) minute intervals.  Please contact her through the website if you have any questions, or if you would like to get started.

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